Children’s Nail Wraps | Many Options


Nail wraps make little girls feel as though they just stepped out of the nail salon. With our whimsical patterns, she will sure to feel beautiful and unique! Here are the details: Made of 100% nail polish. However, unlike nail polish, don’t expect any smudges or scratches! Extra wraps included to make up for any goofs in the application, who doesn’t want a little extra insurance? Removal is easy, simply find the edge and peel away, with no damage to her nail. Sizes included are fit for kids 8-13. For kids 3-8, simply use scissors to cut down to size. Do not apply to children under 3. Tips for easier application, you WILL want to read these. If any other questions come up, please feel free to e-mail us for tips. The application will be easiest with a full nail session: Push back cuticles to ensure the wrap lays right on the nail, rather than getting stuck on the skin. If wrap sticks to the skin, it will pull up very easily. Dry out the nail before application. This can be done with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or fingernail polish remover. Cut wrap down to size for smaller nails. Push wrap down on nail with pressure starting in the middle and moving outward, use a fingernail, if needed. Fold-over top of the nail while slightly pushing to ensure sticker seals. Use a rough nail file to remove excess. Apply a clear topcoat for longer use. If applied correctly, the wrap should last about one week.